Life List

65 goals; 54 completed

Category #1: Love and Relationships

1. Fall in love. 

2. Build a strong, close group of friends (my “family”)

Category #2: Creative


3. Have an amazing portfolio. (100+ high quality art nude images)

4. Have my own website.

5. Travel around the US as a freelance model.

6. Be published

Work with the following “dream” photographers

             7. Art Silva

             8. Matt Blaise (wet plate)

             9. Alien Life

             10. Visioluxus (her images inspired me to try art nude photography)

             11.  Gary M. (first nude shoot)

12. Exhibit my self-portraiture


13. Write and record an album/suite of piano music (“City Dreams”) PROGRESS

14. Play the piano proficiently

15. Give a piano recital: by memory, invite my friends, include some of my own compositions 

16. Learn a new instrument or how to sing or jazz PROGRESS 

17.  Finish Fever Pitch single “Hurry Home”


Try different types of fiction writing:

18. Finish a sci fi novel PROGRESS

19. Finish my fantasy novels

20. Finish at least the first siren novel PROGRESS

21. Publish a short story

22. Want to read my own writing/visit the characters


23. Blog

24. Publish an article

25. Something autobiographical (webcomic? memoirs?)   

Category #3: Travel

26. See all 50 states (44/50) PROGRESS

CaliforniaOregonWashingtonNevadaArizonaNew MexicoUtahColoradoTexasOklahoma, Arkansas,  IdahoWyoming, Montana, North Dakota,  South Dakota, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin,  IndianaOhioKentuckyTennesseeIllinoisIowaNebraskaKansas,   LouisianaAlabamaMississippiMissouri, West Virginia, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina,  VirginiaMaryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island,  MassachusettsNew Hampshire, Vermont,  Maine, Alaska, Hawaii

27. Road trip with best friend around the U.S.

28.  Road trip for as long as I want (no set return date)

29. Resort at Sycamore mineral hot springs with my significant other for a long weekend

30.  Visit Prague.

31.  Backpack around Japan

32.  Go whiskey tasting in Scotland (Islay), and bourbon tasting in Kentucky   PROGRESS

Category #4: Other

33. Play with a tesla coil

34.  Kiss underwater

35. See the Northern Lights

36. See it snow

37.  Have a house with an amazing bathtub.  38.  And a window seat or wingback chair.  39.  And wood floors.

Art to Experience

40. See all of Shakespeare’s tragedies performed live. 

Romeo and Juliet

Julius Caesar

King Lear




Antony and Cleopatra


Troilus and Cressida

The Life of Timon of Athens

Titus Andronicus

Other amazing plays to see live:

41.The Tempest

42.The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Dr. Faustus; Marlowe

Amazing concerts to see live:

43.   Ani di Franco

44.  Green Day

45.  A Perfect Circle

46. Fleetwood Mac         

47. Hear a Stradivarius live (Joshua Bell in concert!)

48. See a Monet in person

49. Read the NPR Top 100 Sci Fi and Fantasy Books 

50. Dance en pointe

Physical Improvements

51. Have nice hair.   

52. and breasts.  I think at 23 as pro nude model, these are as nice as they’re gonna get and I’ve come to terms with that.    

53. Get sterilized

54. Get a meaningful tattoo

55. Upside down twist sit-ups (because they look cool)


56. Own a horse

57. Swim in the Hearst Castle Pool

58. “—then on the shore/Of the wide world I stand alone, and think/Till Love and Fame to nothingness do sink.” –Keats, When I Have Fears that I May Cease to Be

Hike out to a beautiful shoreline (preferably cliffs) and read Keats.

59. Attend a masquerade

60. 6' sub sandwich sword fight

61. Get a lap dance from a hot stripper

Throw an amazing party:

62.  21st  birthday

63.   The Great Katsby for 25th birthday aka "Party Noir"

64. The equivalent of the House bachelor party for 28th birthday

65. Fly*

          *By this I don't mean fly in an airplane; I mean have the feeling of flight under my "own power."  I don't care if it's from hang-gliding, lucid dreaming, ballon in a ballet leap, or if we invent bird suits like in Blue Mars.